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Mark Eric was born in 1968 in Bronx, New York to John Godwin, a creative soul, and Rose Williams, a strong young woman and civil rights activist.  Rose was determined that her first son defy the statistics of young American Black Men and at an extremely early age introduced him to books and the value of knowledge and awareness.  Throughout his youth, his mother consistently encouraged his reading and studies, feeding his creative talents while also frustrating the mischievous young boy.  Eric’s tight knit family included his maternal grandparents, Robert and Helen Williams, who lived in Harlem and were instrumental in Eric’s successfully navigating his youth and defying the status quo.  However, Eric attributes his tenacity, strength, and creative success to his mother's firm hand and unwavering support.


In 2014 Eric, as a new novelist, burst into today's fictional landscape with a refreshing blend of realistic heroes within larger than life plots.  He pours his creative energy onto the page in a way that both thrills and entertains as he infuses his stories with characters that become fond friends and dreaded enemies.


Eric's writing career has spanned 20 years across multiple genres and media.  His fans will be delighted with his range and unique tales.  His dynamic multicultural casts reflect the rising demand in American entertainment for a richer, more diverse mix of age, race, gender, and socioeconomic status.  


Eric's first release, Benders, is contemporary science fiction of a gifted young Black man being pursued by one of the country's most politically influential men.  His second novel, Legacy, released Summer 2017.  He also released a collection of poetry July 2014.  With two other novels in the works for the coming months, Eric will be filling our traditional and digital bookshelves for years to come.


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About Mark Eric

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