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In his stunning second novel, Mark Eric tackles the intricate fabric and issues that surround American's Black Men in a way few have dared. This gritty yet poignant work follows Charlie as he makes his dramatic and difficult transition from boy to
manhood. Caught in the crossfire between men
who each expect more of him than he's yet to
find in himself.

Legacy by Mark Eric - Now Available


An affluent, spoiled teenager who sees the world as being in the palm of his hand. He feels there is

nothing he can't handle. That is until a gambling debt puts him in a situation and brings him face to face

with men that he can't control. 



The absent and neglectful hardworking father of Charlie.  He is a man doing his best to be the father his father never was to him. Much to the detriment to his son.



A fish out of water. Once a straight A college student, Stony is the head of a ruthless gang and controller of a criminal empire. Not a situation he ever thought he'd be in, but he is doing his best to navigate those waters. 



Stony's right hand man. A soldier to the end and a cold blooded killer. With a reputation that precedes him, Frank is the one person you don't ever want to be on the wrong side of. 



An elder statesman of the NY criminal underworld. He is now a pillar of the community and a business owner. While he does his best not to let his past demons destroy everything he's built, his nature may just get the better of him. 



Seth's right hand man and business partner. Once a cold blooded killer, Paulie is a man that commands respect from friends and strangers alike. 



  • Canfield, OH

  • Youngstown, OH

  • Harlem, NY

2010 - present

2010 - present

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