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Legacy by Mark Eric - Now Available

In his exciting and poignant second novel, Mark Eric tackles the intricate fabric and issues that surround America's Black Men in a way few have dared. Legacy weaves through the various journeys of eight Black Men in their quest to protect and build their own legacies. Each must face his own hard truth and bitter consequences.

Who will reject their legacy? Who will embrace theirs? And who must fight and sacrifice everything they have or risk losing the most important legacy of all...each other?

Benders by Mark Eric - Now Available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play
Escape into a different kind of story. 


Benders is an exciting, contemporary, science fiction thriller tossed with supernatural powers and a heart-warming romance.


Since childhood, Monty has kept his gift a secret, knowing people would fear what they could not understand. The power of his thoughts gave him advantages few could fathom. However, he is not the only one with the gift. When his secret catches the attention of another bender, the hunt for Monty begins. Friendship and honor must battle the might of the powerful. If they fail, the world will never be same.

"I was completely enthralled with the was definitely one of the best books I’ve read in a long time."

"It's a rambling, enthralling ride that hooks you from the start."

3.5 stars for Benders by Mark Eric

"A real page turner!"

~ Mom

~ Nancy Joyce, What'cha Reading?

Brothers - Jun 2018

Meet Jacob Sharp, an expert security professional, who gets drawn back into the gritty drama of New York City in search of answers to his brother's murder.

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Brazen - Jun 2019

In this long anticipated sequel to Benders, Mark Eric brings readers back to the adventures of Monty and Mieko as they try to save the country and the world from destructive forces.

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